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Author Topic: CENTRALIA Correctional Center  (Read 45495 times)

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CENTRALIA Correctional Center
« on: March 06, 2006, 09:10:01 AM »

Centralia Correctional Center 

Bradley J. Robert, Warden 

Facility Data
Centralia Correctional Center
 Opened: October 1980
 *Operational Capacity: 1,571
 Medium Security Adult Male
 *Current Population: 1,517
 Average Age: 33
 Average Annual Cost Per Inmate: $20,146

*As of 5/31/2012. Reflects bed space capacity analysis as outlined in the July 1, 2012 Quarterly Report to the Legislature.

Visiting Hours


IDOC Visitation Rules and Information—please review before visiting
Visitors to any correctional facility will be required to produce photo identification and verification of date of birth. Please be sure to bring 2 forms of identification with you; these would include a current photo ID such as a driver’s license, a state ID card, government ID card, military ID/driver’s license, or acceptable documentation of non-U.S. citizenship including a current Passport, or Visa, documentation must contain the visitor’s date of birth. Expired forms of identification will not be accepted. Visitors will also be required to provide vehicle information and other pertinent data, such as government identification, official credentials, attorney registration, and or law student certification.
The following visiting hours are currently in effect for inmate visitors at the Centralia Correctional Center:

General population
 8:30 a.m. to 5:30p.m. seven (7) days a week.  Offenders are permitted six (6) visits per month, with no more than two (2) on weekends or holidays.  Visitors must arrive at the facility no later than 2:30p.m.
 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. All non-contact visits must be in by 1:00 p.m. In addition, there will be no weekend or holiday segregation/non-contact visits.

All visiting rules and regulations must be strictly adhered to by inmates and inmate visitors. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action, as appropriate, and may also result in permanent or temporary restriction of visiting privileges for the inmate visitor.

Facility Address

Business Mail:
9330 Shattuc Road
 P.O. Box 1266
 Centralia, IL 62801

Inmate Mail:
Inmate Name & IDOC#
 P.O. Box 7711
 Centralia, IL 62801

Phone: (618) 533-4111
 Fax: (618) 533-4112

Facility Information

The Centralia Correctional Center strives to create a healthful environment, which provides the individual offender a humane and secure term of incarceration.  It is a medium security adult male facility.
The facility consists of 46 buildings, which comprise of 335,689 square feet. The living units consist of three housing unit clusters with a total of 14 housing units, one receiving unit, one segregation unit and a 15-bed health care unit. The facility sits on 100 acres with 50 acres enclosed by fencing.
Inmate Programs

 •ABE (Adult Basic Education)
•GED (General Education Development)
•Two-year College Academic

 •Construction Occupations
•Custodial Occupations
•Food Service
•Job Preparedness Training

 •Mattress Shop
•Sewing Shop

Volunteer Services:
•Volunteer Literacy

•Life Skills
•Alcoholics Anonymous
•Narcotics Anonymous
•Substance Abuse
•Anger Management
•Leisure Time Services
•Lifestyles Redirection Program
•Reentry Summits

~ "I have visited some of the best and the worst prisons and have never seen signs of coddling, but I have seen the terrible results of the boredom and frustration of empty hours and pointless existence." ~ US Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger

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Re: CENTRALIA Correctional Center
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2014, 11:52:38 PM »
Hi all, I just wanted to post some updated info on Centralia.

I just went to visit my fiancee this week. When I first arrived I parked in the first row of parking, and I went up to the door. The CO met me at the door and asked me if it was my first time visiting. I told her yes and she told me I was parked in the wrong place and my capris were not allowed because there was a hole on my knee..(silly i know) so she let me know where the closest walmart was so I could find some "appropriate" pants. Once i returned i got checked in fairly quickly. the lockers are .75 cents and to get a vending machine card they ask you to bring $5 and then you get $3 credited to your card. i got patted down and then was sent to the visiting building. you are only allowed one set of earrings and no bracelets or even hairties. i had to wait a few minutes there and then they let me through to the visiting room. i went in gave my sheet and waited for my man to come in. the co in the visiting room was on the phone the whole time and shooed me away to a table to wait. i waited and he came in. we got to hug and kiss - me being my first time didnt want to do too much but later found it probably woulda been okay to kiss a little more. we sat and talked and got stuff from the vending machine and were able to hold hands the whole time. a couple things the CO was picky about was my shirt. it wasnt a low cut shirt by any means but she kept telling me to pull it up... and 2nd, my fiance had to go to the bathroom so he got up and asked her if he could go and she told him i had to go ask for him and only when the male co was in the visiting room. so when he came back i asked him and he looked at me like i was an idiot and said "he can come ask me" so anyway..just to be sure i would ask for him just to make your man doesnt get in trouble the first time. the problem for women is that they have to go back to the main house to go to the restroom which can cut into visiting time so i waited. the vending machines were vending prices. the "food food" was 4-6 dollars. i put about $25 and was able to purchase coffee, snacks, food, soda, water and some candy with a few dollars left over. for the most part the co's were decently mannered and it was an easy process. by the end the visiting room was full. oh yeah i arrived around 915 and stayed until about 1:45. and we were able to hug and kiss a couple times before i actually left. so theres some updated info! if you have any questions, i may be able to answer for you..let me know!

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Re: CENTRALIA Correctional Center
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2014, 09:08:16 PM »
My fiance is putting in a wedding package today and I'm wondering when we get married can he have a wedding band.

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Re: CENTRALIA Correctional Center
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2014, 10:42:12 PM »
Yes, he can have a band once married. It's total cost must be no more than $50, and you will need a receipt to show that. The ring must be plain metal, no stones. Some prisons allow engraving (your names, initials, date) on the inside, so you'll have to check on that.

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Re: CENTRALIA Correctional Center
« Reply #4 on: November 18, 2014, 07:11:04 AM »
My fiance is putting in a wedding package today and I'm wondering when we get married can he have a wedding band.

We have a board devoted to IDOC marriages here:

Do not value the "things" you have in your life - value "who" you have in your life....

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Re: CENTRALIA Correctional Center
« Reply #5 on: April 12, 2016, 02:14:35 PM »
Just some brief comments about Centrailia.  The "additional freedom" of movement is proving to be a negative thing when you have nothing to do.  Not being locked in the cage is a privilige in itself.  You can go to the day room - chat, play cards/board games (checkers, chess), there are 2 yards (exercise per day) morning and afternoon. and soon to be 3 per week evening starting in April.  Also Sat. and Sun. will include AP and PM yard vs. 1 per day early April.  There is over 40 gym sat. and sun. mornings.  There are Chapel "events" week nights and sat. and sun.  The TV system/selection is dismal and 13" flatscreen TV's overpriced at $185, but it is a source of entertainment.  An overpriced Sony radio can also be purchased at $28.75.  Dispite "management" comments on MP3 players (available at other locations) nove have appeared at CCC.  Like the "check in the mail" they're coming.
The job situation is not good.  Dispte CCC having a policy of 1 year terms for job, thete simply are not enough to go around.  It was get worse without Vocational schools, more inmates will be looking.  The best bet is dietary.  Dispite workers being well fed, there is constant turnover due to theft.  Note for taxpayers - "Management has hired 15 new correctional officers, obstensively to reduce overtime.  However, this same group cannot create $20 to $30 per month jobs for inmates.  Push your legislators to work with the Governer to finally pass a budget.  The call, write, push IDOC Dir. Baldwin to re-establish educational programs as quickly as possible.

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Re: CENTRALIA Correctional Center
« Reply #6 on: April 13, 2016, 10:13:34 AM »
 I agree with comments of your post willied but disagree at the inmates being "well fed". Most of their menu consists of soy products and even on "good days" when they get 1 piece of chicken, a biscuit and potatoes, they are given 5 minutes to eat it. I think often things are taken from dietary because there are many hungry inmates especially the ones who have no money for commissary where they can purchase "real" food.

                                                                                         Just wanted to share another perspective on things.

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Re: CENTRALIA Correctional Center
« Reply #7 on: April 13, 2016, 10:43:08 AM »
I have some questions on visiting at Centralia. I will be coming from out of town and I want to prepare well in advance for what to expect from dress code to the area in general.
I have been to several different facilities for visits so I know dress code is always conservative & modest but I do like to know if we can wear things like flip-flops into the visiting room and how many vending machines/typical selection of food products. Anything I need to know that might be unique to the Centralia visiting process? I think I read that visitors have to be checked in by 1pm.
Also, since I am coming from out of town - does anyone have recommendations for overnight accommodations? I notice that Centralia doesn't seem to offer much in the way of lodging so I have looked at neighboring towns; from what I could research online, Mt Vernon seemed like a good option for lodging even though it is a decent distance (~30 miles down the road).
I truly appreciate any information you can provide me. I always get excited and nervous for my visits and the more I know the better I feel about the whole journey. 

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Re: CENTRALIA Correctional Center
« Reply #8 on: December 13, 2016, 07:44:46 PM »
When Inmates arrive at Centralia, they are issued: 2 pr. pants (elastic waist, 1 painters pocket), 2 shirts (look like pullover pajama tops), 2 pr. sox, 2 boxer shorts, and 1 pr. "Joliet Jumpers", canvas slip on sneaks.  Anything else (clothing) must be purchased.  NO clothing is being replaced, and that has been policy for 3 plus years.  Boots used to be standard issue - they are not now, and are not being replaced.

Is this the practice at other facilities?  It doesn't seem right or legal.  Does the state appropriate funds for clothing and replacement?  If so, where is the money going?


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Re: CENTRALIA Correctional Center
« Reply #9 on: December 13, 2016, 10:40:20 PM »
This is in response to the April, 2016 post on where to stay in the Centralia area.   My son has been moved to Western but I had good experiences at the following.   I highly recommend The Drury Inn in Mt. Vernon!!   It's fairly new, runs around $110 a night, very nice rooms, and they have a very substantial breakfast bar AS WELL AS a dinner bar with 2 drinks from the bar per person.   No other hotel does this that I know of.   At dinner it can be:   hot dog bar, taco bar, potato bar, etc.  All included in room price.  Nice touch after traveling or visiting Centralia.  Worth having to driving the extra miles to Centralia.

If you are camping there are some great state parks about 5 miles north of the prison.   The town is Carlyle and the parks are east and north of the town on the lake.  There was also a resort hotel in the north end.  Nice area!!

Centralia Correctional was a decent place but I think many of the vendors have pulled out due to not being paid for services.   The state budget (or lack of) is really hurting the prisons and our loved ones!!