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Author Topic: Max Out New Case  (Read 821 times)

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Max Out New Case
« on: May 27, 2015, 12:27:10 PM »
HELLO ALL,HAVE A QUESTION?I     In Aug 2008 my son was sentence to 6 years and parole time was 2 tears,he did the 3 years  
 which was 50%,He was put on parole in Aug  2011. Which that case would be max out on 2014 In 2012 may 23 he broke parole and was charged with a new case, so his parole time stoped.  ,he was in jail for 1,051 days,which is almost 3 years,so when he went to be sentence on April,9 2015  on new case he recd 6 years ,and the judge counted the days in jail ,as i had said almost 3 years,so he had  has judge said would be out on parole on May 23 2015,

But here is what i dont under stand, they did not release him because they said there was a warent on him for volating parole, and his time would stop in jail which i knew that But the case in 2008 was max out in 2014 Now they say maybe the board will not let him out for a nother year
the woman i spoke with at parole board said well he had a chance  and he did not do right she was very none caring person.,. What i dont understand why they did not tell him in jail to file a waver and to not go in front of board and they could have had this over by now ,,But my attorney even said he will be home in may, and he should have been on list for pr board for May 13 but not ,,the lady said June 10- he might get hearing   He is a none volent offender am i wrong in saying he already did his time for this last case and they are saying old case they can keep him with it being max out??? nothing was brought up in court about warent or any thing

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