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Author Topic: More recent information about Cook County Boot Camp?  (Read 4230 times)

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More recent information about Cook County Boot Camp?
« on: November 24, 2014, 12:17:48 AM »
Hello all,

Someone that means lot to me has been in Cook County boot camp for a little over a week now. I'm very disappointed at the lack of information about CCBC in comparison to other boot camps. Hopefully some of you can help me gain a better understanding about it. Reading across this forum I've come to the conclusion that CCBC has different rules and regulations in comparison to IDOC bootcamps. I've gathered several questions in the hopes that some of you could answer them for me. What are the mail policies in regards to writing to boot campers? I know they can't write until their ghost period of two weeks is over, but can they receive mail? Also IDOC boot camps apparently have a policy of  no pictures unless it's from immediate family members, is that the same for CCBC? I'm not immediate family and I send a couple of pictures and I hope I didn't get him in trouble. In case pictures are not allowed, will he at least get the letter that was sent? In regards to visits after the first 60 days, is that also limited to immediate family? Also if any of you have been through this I would appreciate any information or sharing your experience. How tough is the ghost period? How does a boot camper's day go by?

Thank you in advance!

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