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Author Topic: Peoria ATC  (Read 1894 times)

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Peoria ATC
« on: June 12, 2013, 08:58:05 PM »
About how long till ma bae can come home... been there about a month or so. He is really going through it and I wonna help him get his mental back on point and I need to see him in order to do that. Please give updated info on levels and estimated time for home passes. Signed. Empty

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Re: Peoria ATC
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2013, 08:39:27 AM »
Welcome to IPT~

If you read through this topic you might get some answers, until someone with a LO can help you out more:


Also do a search on the ATC board for passes and more information may come up.

Here are the Administrative Rules for Work Release which you can read also, it explains levels and privileges:

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Re: Peoria ATC
« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2013, 12:21:46 PM »
The following information applies, as long as he is not there as a Permanent Party:
When he arrived, he was on level 1.  This is the orientation phase. This level lasts 30 days and means that he can go to Walmart on 2 staff-accompanied shopping trips and can go on unescorted job searches.  He automatically progresses to level 2 after the 30 days is over.  Level 2 is a 60-day level.  During this time he can go to Walmart 2 times a month, unaccompanied, and is able to go on unescorted trips to the bank. During this time period he is also able to go on job searches that are approved by the counselor and he can go to One Technology Plaza for job search resources and assistance.   During this time period he is expected to find a job.  After the 60-day time period he will be promoted to level 3, though they can keep him on level 2 if he has not found a job yet.  On level 3 he is given one 48-hour CCL (correctional center leave), during which he can go to his approved homesite, as long as he has a job and has received at least one paycheck.  He also is given 24 hours of IRT (inmate recreation time) to be used each month which can be used to shop and go out to approved restaurants to eat.  Level 3 is a 30-day level and after this time period is over he will progress to level 4.  On level 4 he will receive 4, 48-hour, CCL passes home each month.  He will also get 48 hours of IRT to be used each month. 
The key is to get a job and keep it, not to break the rules, and to maintain a positive attitude.  Being at an ATC is a major privilege and should be treated as such.  Another side note: if you are not married to each other they require you to go through marriage counseling sessions with the chaplain before your residence is approved as his homesite for his CCL passes.