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Author Topic: Anyone whose LO who got work release, where were they when it was granted?  (Read 3849 times)

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I would love to hear from anyone whose loved one got work release in the last year or so, what was the parent prison your LO was in when it was granted?  I am hearing that certain facilities don't do much "recommending" for work release.  From what I understand (which may be wrong), the counselor has to help someone apply for work release and the Warden of the facility has to approve it before it is sent to Springfield.  Is that right?  If so, it may be that certain facilities approve more work release applications than others.  Just curious and any info is greatly appreciated.

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The inmate has to be two years short on his sentence (a bit before) before he can apply for work release and they must apply through their counselor.  Once they apply, it is then approved or denied by the prison, if approved, it is sent on to Springfield, for the final decision.

A few ATC's were just closed, so that leaves less facilities and more inmates that apply, so a lot of times, inmates are denied the first time they apply, some approved.  They can then reapply within 6 months and start the process all over again.

This topic will be moved to our ATC board, where you can find much more information on work release.
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My bf was in Big Muddy when he got approved for work release. He was at BMR for 3 months when his counselor told him he was recommended for work release by Springfield -they send a list of inmates that they think qualify, but you still have to apply and be approved for it. It is true that his counselor had to file the paperwork and then it had to be approved by the warden then it was sent to Springfield for approval. Within 3 weeks he heard that he was approved and within 2 weeks he was transferred out. Hope this helps...not sure how it is at other facilities. 

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Mah and Julie - Thanks for the replies.  I appreciate it greatly.  Just trying to gather as much info as I can.


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Oftentimes, after an inmate is approved for work release they are first transferred to a work camp.  For Peoria ATC they are transferred to Pittsfield Work Camp and for the ATCs in the Chicago area (North Lawndale and Crossroads) they are transferred to Stateville Farm.  From these work camps they are then transferred to the ATC for which they were approved.  Upon application for work release, the inmate will request an ATC to transfer to.  

Sometimes the approval process is lengthy, especially for inmates who are not on the Springfield list that Julie spoke of.  From application submission to approval by both his parent institution and Springfield, it took my husband a combined total of just over two months.  Then from final approval to transfer it took a few weeks.  Some guys have waited months from final approval to transfer.  Remember an approval is valid for 90 days, and after the 90 days his counselor will update his file and must resubmit.  This is only a matter of paperwork and will be instantly reapproved unless a major infraction has occurred.  It is just important to keep track of your dates and be very proactive on your own behalf.

As Mah referred, several ATCs have been recently shuttered.  Due to this unfortunate circumstance, it is more difficult to get approved and the process may take a bit longer.  If he is denied the first time, REAPPLY!  After six months, as MAh said, he is eligible to resubmit his application for work release.  Many inmates are, in fact, denied the first time and approved after resubmission.  

Another thing to look into is applying for Permanent Party.  Inmates are eligible to apply for this when they are 32 months short.  This is a great way to get to an ATC early before technically eligible for work release.

Work release is a blessing and should be treated as such.  They are strict in their rules since there is so much opportunity for movement.  If he respects the situation and follows the rules he will do great!