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Author Topic: An Inmates View of the Women's Prison System  (Read 7987 times)

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An Inmates View of the Women's Prison System
« on: October 21, 2008, 07:47:09 AM »
I have been house in Illinois prison for the past 22% years, there is very little I have not encountered within that time and I can honestly tell you that the Illinois prisons for women are worse now than they have ever been.  The current Administration of the Illinois Women and Family Services have lost control of the women's prisons.  The prisons are violent with racial conflicts allowed.  Older inmates are bullied by young inmates who are housed with them. Improper housing is responsible for numerous assaults, fights, thefts, and unsafe living conditions.  The women in these prisons have no way to address these issues as all prison staff have turned a deaf ear to their pleas for help.

I have personally watched inmates be forced to perform sexual acts with other inmates and staff or be beaten.  Some inmates even perform sexual acts for food.  With the recent budget cuts portions of food have been reduced so greatly that the women go hungry each and every day.

Under the current Administration inmates who are trouble makers, are catered to by prison staff. The inmates who are in the most trouble are the ones the prison officials pay attention to, not the inmates working day and night to better themselves.

There are no meaningful forms of rehabilitation in place any more.  Officials make no attempt to rehabilitate offenders before they release them back into society to commit additional crimes.  This must change.  As a voter you should demand the Governor put in place prison officials that will work non-stop to ensure every inmate is rehabilitated before they are released back into society.  This will make it safer for you when the inmates are released.  It will also make it safer for those within the prisons.  Mandatory rehabilitation should be a central theme in prison reformation across this State. Demand a change in laws that put back in place Parole Boards that each and every offender must appear before they are released back into society. Demand the Governor initiate true rehabilitation programs.  This is the only way prisons can become a place of correction and change. Inmates should be required to participate in programs that will rehabilitate them before they are released.  You have the power to make this happen.  You can lower the crime rates by refusing to allow a non-rehabilitated inmate back out on the streets.  Any inmate who truly desires to make a change in their life will not be against such drastic measures; rather they will welcome the challenge to become a better person and to build a life for themselves for their release.

The current laws allowing prisoners to be placed in prisons for extended terms, life sentences and to be inactive while in prison are not working.  Every inmate should be required to become actively involved in their rehabilitation.  By calling on our law makers you can change our prisons and make out State a safer place to be.

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Re: An inmates veiw of the womens prison system
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2008, 08:32:21 AM »
WOW.  I have been in prison twice and can honestly say I didnt encounter anything like that.  I was located in Decatur and Decatur doest put up with much s*** from the inmates.  You will work or go to school unless you have a medical condition but even then depending on what the condition is they will give you a job on the unit so you are at least doing something.  Rooms are racially devided to make things equal on the unit.  Any group of girls more than 5 is considered a mob and they can all go to seg for that.  I have seen girls go to seg over a simple telephone call they werent supposed to make.  The warden and LT. made thier rounds everyday and the warden had a call line every week to voice your concerns.  The LT also made his rounds every evening.  When you went to eat or gym or class you went in mass movement and some officers if they heard 1 little peep from anyone would be considered a  punishment and you would walk around the intitution until everyone could get thier lips zipped.  They have several schooling programs for women  and work release programs.  They also have the mother/child unit that was underway when I was released from there.  Not sure how that is working out.  I realize that some womens prisons are worse than others and I am sure Decatur has its own problems in some areas, but I have to admit if you follow the rules and keep your nose clean they dont really bother you that much and they tend to stay out of your way.  If you are a problem the WILL deal with you.  This is just my experience from the walls behind Decatur Correctional Instutution.
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