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OK, I think I get it now. Thank you for your patience.
Partial Lockdown means that a part of the facility is locked down with no movement or privledges. They don't have Levels any more it's either Full or Partial lockdown. So wherever the assault occurred must be the house that is on Lockdown.
It's kind of surprising to hear that if there was another staff assault as StayinTrue2Him indicates that it would be "partial". I'm so confused. I read the lockdown guidelines on this site and it doesn't give "partial" as a Level. Levels are numbered. And I called and spoke to them directly. Where in the guidelines does a "partial lockdown" fall? I'm pretty new to this so please educate me.
They are listed on partial lockdown on IDOC.
I just called Stateville and they are NOT in lockdown. They never were. I don't understand this post. In fact, yesterday I was on the phone with my LO after this post went up. Someone please advise because this is a mistake.
I sure hope they are available at Stateville soon because Orange Crush just spent the last two weeks there and broke his Walkman cassette player,which is no longer available on commissary,in half...They destroyed the place and the inmates' belongings, not to mention their well being, as they always do! :wc4:
While my husband and I visited at Stateville yesterday he informed me that Orange Crush had been there the past two weeks and in his words,"ripped them a new one". They came in and destroyed everything they could get their grubby hands on...They tore up magazines,letters,books, legal papers,broke his Walkman cassette player that is no longer being sold on commissary and dumped out all of their clothes/belongings on the floor getting them filthy/wet. He also told me that he has caught 22 cock roaches,has ants everywhere,mice and birds flying all over depositing droppings everywhere. PLUS...their ceiling is leaking above their toilet from the toilet in the cell above theirs.So,between Orange Crush terrorizing and humiliating them, they are being forced to live in filthy,inhumane conditions. They also have not been allowed to go to store for the past month and a half AND refused State issued SOAP for the past two weeks! My husband is an absolute wreck...He has been in seg since January due to Stateville constantly changing his medications or not giving them to him at all which caused him to have a psychotic episode and lose control with a CO. That whole scenario has been a nightmare all its own! Now they've been put through added terror and brutality...I pray this class action lawsuit against Orange Crush/IDOC is successful because these barbarians HAVE to be stopped!!  :wc20:
They called a "10-10" over the intercom during our visit yesterday. There was another staff assault. Staff assaults are on the rise very badly there due to the conditions the inmates are living in. Orange Crush was also there the past two weeks and destroyed the place. Please pray for all the inmates there as well as all of our inmates in IDOC suffering at the hands Orange Crush and our goverment  :wc17: It is not right...
IDOC BOOT CAMPS / Re: Bootcamp question
« Last post by calypso on July 27, 2016, 12:31:27 PM »
Thank you. I wonder why his lawyer told him he could?

Also, I am not sure I understand the difference between leaving the state while on parole and being paroled out of state.

In the first case, sounds like if he wants to leave the state temporarily or permanently while he is on parole he cannot do that.

Int he case of being paroled out of state: If he applies for a transfer to another state and requests that his parole period be started there before he gets out, and that is okayed -- then he can move.
Do I understand correctly? I will check out the link. Thanks again.
QUESTIONS & ANSWERS / Re: Amended Mittimus
« Last post by keyvee78 on July 27, 2016, 11:43:10 AM »
Thanks so Much Forevermah!! I researched the Interstate Compact Agreement page some time ago and found it to be very very helpful!! It seems that I may be starting these steps ASAP. So I was able to find out some information today from the county. I was told that the corrected sentencing mittimus was sent to the County Sherriff's office yesterday and that once it in the sherriff's hands they (the clerk's office) no longer has control over it.  I was told to contact the IDOC as you stated to see if the order was received.  So my job this afternoon will be to contact the counselor and find out my next step which I think we will be the Interstate Compact Agreement.  This has been a heck of a journey and if it were not for this forum I would have been completely lost! I will keep everyone posted on the process. Thanks again.  :wc38:
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