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They are still saying 1 & 4 houses are in medical lockdown but they are going to show and to work and to the yard.  The only thing they are locked down from is us.  They don't get visits and only get 1 15 minute phone call a day.  This is ridiculous.  I also know they let one guy from 1 house go on a visit yesterday but not anyone else.
From what I have learned Terri Anderson is no longer employed there as they have retired. I know that Sarah Johnson is still working in Inmate Issues but does anyone know the name of the person who has replaced Terri?
The current bill died w/o action.

The only way now to change the law is to reintroduce new legislation to reduce the truth in sentencing percentages. Personally, doubt that happens in an election year.
They are pretty informative I've listened to some in the past. From the more recent ones, does it sound like it may pass?
If you go to the website for the Illinois criminal justice reform and listen to the sound clouds of the meetings almost all their answers come back to the only way to acieve the goal set for them is to reduce or reverse truth in sentencing.  The problem they are running into is they are all scared of public backlash. The more support they are coming from the public the more likely they will change these amounts.  The meeting are long and boring and alot to listen to but very informative as to where this is all headed
Inmates are allowed 3 adult visitors and children. A child isn't considered an additional visitor until age 17 at pickneyville. Smaller children are allowed to sit on the inmates lap also.
« Last post by sarashane on September 23, 2016, 05:53:42 PM »
Our phone call costs wont be reduced until 2018?
Received a 10 minute call from my son,.  They did shop thiy week, showered and allowed short phone call.  Lockdown may end in a couple of days.
QUESTIONS & ANSWERS / Re: Stolen pictures
« Last post by johnson on September 22, 2016, 05:52:12 PM »
My friend works at the post office and since the package was damaged the returned it back to me. So that's why it was missing. I was creeped out lol. I'm glad that was the issue
They do get yard time it's about an hour to an hour and a half. It's not every day though it is also on a rotation like their phone/Dayroom times. They don't offer gym in the summer. Whenever they stop night  yard usually in October is when they will get gym.

They do have an industry job there it's meat processing. They offer other jobs there also the normal kitchen workers, porters things like that.
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