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 on: Today at 05:22:25 AM 
Started by ccmitch2727 - Last post by Forevermah
As much as we know you want him moved and he wants to be moved, whatever prison they want to move him to, a program etc. the bed space has to open up before they can move him and there really isn't anything you can do but wait.  You can call his counselor, if you haven't already and see what additional information you can get.

IDOC is severely overcrowded and this happens at times.

Does he have any court dates, an open case pending?  Putting his personal information up on a public board here on IPT is never a good idea, especially calling employees names.

Best to him, hope he gets moved soon.

 on: December 18, 2014, 10:02:36 PM 
Started by ccmitch2727 - Last post by ccmitch2727
Hi Does anyone know who i can contact about my LO and getting him out of Receiving....OK so he is in graham r and c and has been for a bout 5 months now... and has a year and a month and some days to do... My SIL cousin went to the same receiving about a few months later for shooting at a cop got 9-11 years was transferred within two weeks and just got transferred to a different one this past week, he was in a parent institute we got so many in recieving needing a parent institute and they move around ones already in a parent institute to another one which i think is rediculous... Is there anyone i can call he believes they are treating him this way because he was on parole a few years ago and an ex kept getting him in trouble with his parole officer and she was a bitch and was going to send him back so he left and they couldn't find him and then a few years later they dropped it and let him off scotch free(yeah i know hes a dumb ass for getting in more trouble) so now they are making him suffer by going to one of the worst prisons in Illinois and making him wait so long he has been through 7 cellies and they all get transffered before him and came in way after him and hes getting really stressed and fed up with it all... is there anyone i can call and talk to about all this and what they can do or whatnot or anything i can do Thanks

 on: December 18, 2014, 08:53:26 PM 
Started by Forevermah - Last post by Forevermah


This topic is for UPDATES on the LD ONLY!

Thank You!

 on: December 18, 2014, 01:54:00 PM 
Started by Forevermah - Last post by me

Chickenpox forces lockdown at Illinois prison

1 hour ago  •  Kurt Erickson Times Bureau

SPRINGFIELD — One of Illinois' maximum security prisons is on lockdown because of an outbreak of chickenpox.

The Menard Correctional Center, home to more than 3,700 of the state's most dangerous inmates, reported five inmates have been diagnosed with the highly contagious virus.

Illinois Department of Corrections spokesman Tom Shaer said three of the cases have been resolved. Two inmates remain in isolation.

"There are no possible cases awaiting conclusive diagnosis," Shaer said in an email Thursday.

But it is not known how long the lockdown will be in place.

"IDOC can't yet know exactly how long the lockdown will remain, as the virus has a long incubation period," he said.

While the infected inmates have all come from one housing unit at the southern Illinois prison, the entire facility was on lockdown because that cell house has kitchen workers who will not be able to work while the outbreak is underway, Shaer said.

That means inmates must be fed in their cells.

Chickenpox spreads through coughing, sneezing or exposure to secretions from the itchy skin rash that accompanies the illness.

Shaer said the prison temporarily has stopped transferring inmates in order to ensure the virus doesn't spread to other facilities.

Officials also are taking precautions for prison employees who have not been immunized, are pregnant or have immune system problems, he said.

 on: December 18, 2014, 06:36:28 AM 
Started by Forevermah - Last post by Forevermah

IDOC Refutes Group’s Information


By Cynthia Grau
Posted Dec. 17, 2014 @ 10:19 am

        Many questions regarding the closing of Dwight Correctional Center have been raised since it happened last year. A Chicago watchdog group recently released information pertaining to the closing of DCC and the affect it had on the prison system.

        The John Howard Association based its reports on three visits to the Logan Correctional Center. Included is the accusation the move of inmates from Dwight to Logan County “exacerbated overcrowding and not generated meaningful cost savings.”

        Tom Shaer, director of communications for the Illinois Department of Correction, was quick to refute the release made by the JHA.

        In a press release, Shaer stated IDOC agreed with the JHA that the ability to provide programs and services is made difficult by the number of inmates and budget constraints. He said IDOC shares JHA’s goals of fewer inmates and more resources in all prisons.

        Some of the points Shaer made in the release included:

        • The association found nearly 2,000 inmates are being held in the Logan Correctional Center — the state’s main facility for medium and maximum-security female inmates — which was built to house about 1,100 inmates. Shaer said LCC is crowded but not overcrowded, stating it has approximately 1,985 inmates in a space designed for 2,019 inmates.

        • With safety and security consistently outstanding at Logan, only one serious staff assault occurred in 19 months and two serious inmate-on-inmate assaults in the same amount of time.

        • Dozens of inmates bunk in a gymnasium, there is a shortage of medical staff and not enough beds for mentally ill prisoners, the John Howard report also found.

        Shaer said gym housing lasted only six weeks during the summer and only included between zero and 16 inmates since mid-August, which is 8/10 of 1 percent of LCC’s capacity.

        “Though IDOC’s gym housing is safe and secure, we agree with JHA that gym use is not preferable; it is thus not a significant component of housing at Logan,” Shaer said.

        • Eight million dollars in Capital Development Board funds have been released for reconstruction and added facilities at LCC for the seriously mentally ill. The increased capacity will begin in 2015.

        The IDOC agrees that more must be done, but says it has met many of the challenges of the consolidation of inmates to LCC, according to its statement.

        Cost savings have occurred as a result of closing DCC, according to Shaer. The gross reductions from DCC came to nearly $91 million, minus about $750,000 for maintenance of DCC and $42 million for added costs to LCC, which comes to a little more than $48 million in savings.

     The JHA release stated the group didn’t think there was any savings and said the state corrections department didn’t accurately state how much money will be needed to upgrade LCC to accommodate the new female prisoners.

        Gov. Pat Quinn ordered the closing of the DCC last year as a cost-cutting move. The prison employed 359 people, aside from contracted employees. The majority of those employees were from Livingston and LaSalle counties.

 on: December 18, 2014, 03:26:36 AM 
Started by Forevermah - Last post by MissAndrea
I visited Monday. There was a sign on the door stating no visits for North 1 Uppers. So I would say that's where it began.  Looks like there won't be any visiting for a while.

 on: December 17, 2014, 01:48:42 PM 
Started by Forevermah - Last post by Hiswoman
I spoke to my guy Monday. Theybrought the phones to the cell. He is north upper. They had all their sheets and clothes washed because some have chicken pox and some have shingles. CO did not give exact length of quarantine.

 on: December 16, 2014, 09:25:49 PM 
Started by Forevermah - Last post by sarashane
They were on quarantine Sunday but not locked down. It may be something else.

 on: December 16, 2014, 08:23:13 PM 
Started by Forevermah - Last post by chantygirl
It's a quarantine due to a chicken pox outbreak.

 on: December 16, 2014, 08:15:39 PM 
Started by Forevermah - Last post by trauma4us
Sonshine - you echo many of the words I think of daily too and I also agree that sometimes life just isn't fair. I'm sorry for you and your son.

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