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QUESTIONS & ANSWERS / Re: Inmate Wedding Ring
« Last post by holdinitdown on Today at 01:58:10 AM »
My husbands is black tungsten and his was approved. The easiest way for him to get it is for him to already have it at county. Otherwise you will have to send it with copy of receipt and copy of marraige lisc. It will then go to warden and await approval. You cannot take it to a visit. It has to be sent in and approved and a contract for it in his file
« Last post by dzr on November 22, 2017, 04:27:35 PM »
They talk in circles! There are so many "if" "ands" & "buts" that you don't know who it will apply to. What I do know is it is eliminating those charged with aggravated DUI (as my LO) which I feel makes no sense at all. They are the ones that could truly benefit from rehabilitation classes - and why no allow them the programming credit like all other inmates?
Supplement Sentence Credit of 180 days, even if granted, would reduce the percentage of time served only modestly. What is 180 days when youíre serving an eight, ten or fourteen year sentence? Six months off gives very little effect to their sentence overall, but to these offenders, being released three to six months earlier gives them hope and incentive to change. If anyone is in the same situation as me, I encourage you to write your local senators & representatives as I have and fight for an amendment to include them in sentencing credit.
QUESTIONS & ANSWERS / Menard Tablets
« Last post by mrsk97279 on November 22, 2017, 03:39:19 PM »
Hey y'all trying to get some resolution to the rumor mill.  Can anyone confirm if Menard is supposed to go wireless next year? Meaning phone calls and messages will be available on the tablets along with email, music and games in 2018. I'm saying no but you know how the rumors fly. And any chance tablets will be available at Stateville and Pontiac?
QUESTIONS & ANSWERS / Re: Video Visitation at Menard
« Last post by mrsk97279 on November 22, 2017, 03:35:22 PM »
Make sure you schedule your first visit on a computer and not a mobile device. That was my issue. Good luck!
QUESTIONS & ANSWERS / Re: Inmate Wedding Ring
« Last post by mrsk97279 on November 22, 2017, 03:34:05 PM »
Nope. They won't let him have it. It has to be a plain gold or silver band with no stones or engraving. 
QUESTIONS & ANSWERS / Inmate Wedding Ring
« Last post by HisWife1122 on November 22, 2017, 12:39:40 PM »
My husband is currently in county jail awaiting sentencing after which he'll be transferred to Stateville R&C and then get his home prison. I understand all of that but what confuses me is the whole wedding ring thing. The wedding ring he picked out to wear while incarcerated is a Tungsten band with a green celtic inlay but now I'm not sure if it'll be allowed. It is solid and smooth all the way around. The inlay is just that...an inlay on the inside of the ring but it's all flush together. You can look it up on Amazon if you need a picture to verify it. It only cost like $20 or $30 bucks but it's super sturdy. Can anyone offer some help. Also how exactly would I get it to him? Would I have to mail it or will I be allowed to take it with me on my first visit with him and give it to him then? Thanks in advance for the help.
QUESTIONS & ANSWERS / Re: hasn't eaten in 3 weeks, prison doing nothing
« Last post by trauma4us on November 21, 2017, 04:30:54 PM »
That is so very sad!
QUESTIONS & ANSWERS / Re: hasn't eaten in 3 weeks, prison doing nothing
« Last post by pt1318 on November 21, 2017, 03:52:59 PM »
They just sent him to seg when he clearly needed help. So sad. I hope he'll get some real help now even though it sounds like he already did a lot of damage to himself.
QUESTIONS & ANSWERS / Re: hasn't eaten in 3 weeks, prison doing nothing
« Last post by sarashane on November 21, 2017, 12:22:35 PM »
Just an update if anyone is interested. The poor man pulled 6 of his teeth out while in seg and used them to cut out his fingernails. They finally sent him to a prison for inmates with mental illness. Itís a shame it took so long.
PRISON ACTIVISM/ACTIVITIES / Re: John Howard Association's Report on IYC Joliet
« Last post by ashleysiek on November 21, 2017, 12:10:14 PM »
Don't know where to post this, but my loved one is at dixon and saw a memo they are looking for people to go to Joliet prison to paint murals, does anyone have more information???
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