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Author Topic: mp3 / tablets  (Read 351 times)

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mp3 / tablets
« on: November 06, 2017, 12:30:33 PM »
My LO recently saw the warden and asked him about tablets and emails. The warden told him they had just been informed that Springfield had changed the plan to where nobody (except for the pilot facilities of course) is going to get the tablets until EVERY facility across IDOC has the video visits up and running?!
How does that make sense? All the prisons seem to work on completely different schedules anyway when it comes to video visitation, installation of kiosks, wiring etc. It sure doesn't look like there is one centralized schedule that all of the facilities work by. So all our LOs are now made to wait until video visits are available all over IDOC, however long that may take. Has anyone else heard about this plan?
My LO asked me to write to IDOC director Baldwin and ask him to rethink this decision and basically allow each prison to move forward individually on their own schedule instead of slowing everyone down even more.
I figured this info might also be interesting to those of you who don't have a LO at one of the test sites and maybe you would also be willing to contact Springfield about this.
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