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Author Topic: Illinois Prison Sentencing!  (Read 2663 times)

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Illinois Prison Sentencing!
« on: January 02, 2014, 11:12:03 AM »
Guys I'm so stressed. My best friend was arrested on November 12th. They finally shipped him off on from the county jail on December 20th & only gave him credit for November 17th- December 5th. He was sentenced on December 6th. My thing is WASNT they supposed to give him credit from November 12-December 20th?

he violated his probation so he was sentenced 2 years to run consecutive with MFG/DEL 10-30 GRAMS OF CANNIBAS. (Both charges) consecutively means 4 years right? Both were class 4 & non violent offenses. Do anyone know if he has to serve the whole 2 years since its ran consecutive? The judge also advised "substance abuse treatment" I haven't spoken with him because he's in Graham reception. This is my best friend first time in prison.

He also has 4 other open cases I don't know why his lawyer didn't take care of them. So what's going to happen now? Is he also going to he charged with those 4 open cases he has? Or is the judge going to dismiss them? Also how long does it take for a judge to approve a motion? His lawyer finally filed his motion after weeks of him asking. It was filed December 17th. We are looking to hire another attorney but the new attorney can't do anything until the motion is filed right? I'm really sad he's really a great kid. I just wish he could come back. But I guess if you do the crime you do the time.

Any help on his sentencing out date? Another question do the IDOC also got say on a person time? If they review his files & see his offense someone told me if his record WASNT bad IDOC cuts time & release new inmates because of over crowding!

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Re: Illinois Prison Sentencing!
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2014, 12:12:30 PM »
Welcome to IPT!

Whatever his profile page says on the IDOC website for his out date, is when he will be released unless he earns credit for classes/programs that he might take, if he is eligible.   As far as any other goodtime, he is going to have to wait and see if he is eligible, no one can tell you that now.  So for now, just go by the date on his IDOC profile page as his out date.

If his conviction was 2 years for each charge, he would do a total of 2 years, that is if they were both 50% convictions, if he was convicted at 85% he would do more.

His official sentencing paperwork (MITTIMUS) would state just how much time they were going to give him for his time before he made it to IDOC, because he went in a violation, not sure how much that would be.  If he doesn't think it's correct he is going to get his paperwork and take it from there.

As far as the other charges,  he'll have to wait and see what happens and if the take him back to court on those charges. If he has to go back to court, IDOC will move him to an appropriate location (not sure what county he was convicted in) for his court appearances.
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Re: Illinois Prison Sentencing!
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2014, 12:38:38 PM »

hi, and welcome to ipt. i have found so much great advice/information on here!
my l/o was sent to menard for reception and then menard medium. he went in 9/16...he had a pending case as well.  we got a lawyer to help in that case..he got 3 yrs concurrent. his outdate is now 11/20/14.  I dont know your count, but check judici to see when his court dates are. hopefully the state will writ him out of prison to attend....in my case the attorney had to do it because the attorneys (state) dont always know when our loved ones go inside. by the third time he was to appear he showed up...the case is closed..he has a new mittimus and final outdate (pending credit for his contracts, etc). if he was given drug treatment he may get sent to a facility that specializes in that, maybe sheridan or southwestern.my lo was given this too after his last case and may be transferred..he put in to go to southwestern since Menard medium doesnt have drug treatment.
write him . he can get letters in receiving and they will be forwarded to his parent prison. keep supporting your friend and try to be patient. i know for me, the hardest thing is knowing the exact outdate and amount of time. but, i do know he will be home for thanksgiving at the very latest.
this site is so helpful. do lots of reading here. it helps to understand the process your friend is going through...and yourself.